Our Works

Bismillahi Rahmanir Rahim
Made of Society Registration Act (Section 21 of 1860)
Howlader Jona Kallan Foundation

  1. Arrange regular discussion meeting. Answer the various questions by telephone and correspondence for the public convenience. For the prevention-remediation of moral degradation (smoking and narcotics, etc.) take timely various programs. Organize Education and Cultural Competition in front of different occasions. Provide short-term education for selected career oriented. Arrange of a education-based short discussion some religious purpose. Arrange for the some religion teaching for all. Teaching of adult. Collecting the proper information of the widow, divorced, orphan, helpless, poor and destitute people and supply timely necessities accessories for them. Collection and distribution of new-old clothes, home appliances. Providing support to the dowry father and marriage suitable youth. Distribution of educational content among proletarian students. Implement Sadiqay Zaria project for expansion of organization activities. Accept and implement of helpless and destitute rehabilitation projects. To provide services to the affected people during various disasters, to undertake relief activities and to cooperate with the government. Arrange enlightenment and rehabilitation about the health of the colony population and the provision of sanitation, sanitation, clean drinking water, family planning. Organizing social development exhibitions, discussion meetings, symposium workshop and conferences. To make coordinate and cooperate work with the government and foreign voluntary organizations for the socio-economic development of the country and arranging work for the development of rural infrastructure with the coordination of all women and men. Provide training, counseling and co-operation in various small projects such as cottage industries, fisheries etc., for the earning of rural women. Take maternal and child welfare programs. Sew training, Encourage the people to maintain the balance of the natural environment and provide skills and human development training in this regard and collaborate with the government and all concerned. Organize educational institutions and arrange for rehabilitation for the poor orphaned and neglected children of the society. Arrangement for burial of dead body. Food, treatment and implementation of unclaimed children.
  2. Conduct any philanthropic or charitable activities among poor people. Establish religious school, create, manage, preserve, develop, repair, expand and help to manage and save.
  3. Provide collaboration in managing and operating of General School, Religious Institute, Cadet School, Kindergarten, College, Technical College, University, Medical College and Research Center. Provide scholarship, merit scholarships to the meritorious, talented and capable students of the national and international level.
  4. Establishment of Teacher Training College for the modernization of education system, quality improvement and introductory education introduced and for the purpose of expansion, operating, provide collaboration, arrangement of workshops and training program for teachers, awareness about the knowledge of science and the need for education among them and these are training for teaching methods, computer teaching, Bangla, English and other necessary language teaching, encourage the person and organization to take education and provide information about those matters.
  5. Organizing seminar symposiums on various subjects and give award, medals and certificates for contributions in various fields.
  6. Cooperate in establish or established rich and self-contained libraries in different places of the country. Establishment of a variety of research centers, educational cultural centers, research institutes and help to establish.
  7. Legal helping the poor helpless people.
  8. Provide help to poor girls, women, widows, divorced women, landless farmers, laborers and disabled people.
  9. Establish miserable welfare center, hospital, orphanage child rearing center, adult outreach center, hostel, disabled employment center and financial assistance for managing. Establish various social welfare organizations, including social welfare organizations or provide assistance to organizations operating in this direction and conduct various social welfare programs.
  10. Service programs, education and training programs, seminars, workshops, research or any other legal assistance to help poor, poor, orphans, abandoned, helpless, oppressed, neglected, oppressed, underdeveloped, unemployed and underprivileged people to develop as well as healthy and prosperous. To adopt and implement various development programs through adoption of the method.
  11. Publishing magazines, articles, books, leaflets, booklets etc. and help in publishing. Supporting eminent thinkers, writers, scholars, intellectuals. Collection of reliable and information-rich manuscripts of their writings and make arrangement for printing.
  12. Joint venture: The public department or the authority (national, regional, municipal or anything else) can participate jointly with the public or the semi-public, for any purposes related to the Howlader Jona Kallan Foundation mission objectives.